Yogic Philosophy
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“Yog” means connection, the connection to all. At Breath of Fire we believe in Yogic Philosophy and are passionate about themes like yoga, health, fashion.

We share here Meditation video made by Lia and the spiritual meaning of the colors of our yogic clothing. In time, more and more articles about themes we like will be published on this page. Stay tuned 😉


PRANAYAMA Lately, I have decided to go back to the basics of yoga. My habits had been made a place in my practice: I sing mantras in such a way, I breathe according to my pattern etc. so I decided to become a beginner again to rediscover yoga! Today I would like to share with […]

Free Online Yoga & Meditation Teachings

RISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS THE TEACHINGS  This page is a gift to you! A free library of teachings based on the knowledge of kundalini yoga and other yoga teachings to be happy and grounded in yourself at any times.  Teachings are organized under themes you may choose from. Some are build in different parts that all […]

Spiritual Colours

WHITE In Yoga, white represents purity. In various yogic currents, such as kundalini yoga for example, dressing entirely in white is strongly recommended. Why? According to Yogi Bhajan, white, the color of purification, extends and strengthens the electromagnetic field of the aura. White is the addition of all colours and sends or reflects strong light […]