Our Story

The beginning

Breath of Fire was founded in 2008 when Lia achieved the first USA Kundalini Yoga level. As some of you may know, Yogi Bhajan asks students to wear white clothing for energetic reasons.

Lia soon noticed that most of the white clothing used was transparent and produced with cheap, non-organic textile. This is when she decided that clothes should be manufactured according to yogic philosophy. Production process should respect the environment with long lasting and elegant fabrics. Lia started designing some yoga clothes. A chance discovery led to a very good production point in Portugal. 

After some research, she managed to build an elegant brand inspired by planning and design of each elements perfectly blending together. All Breath of Fire yoga items were created as an item and not as separated elements. This approach delivers a pure and simple vision of fashion, starting with design and production through to delivery.

After the clothes were designed and produced, Maya helped to develop a visual language for the brand inspired by beauty and nature. Maya’s great talent was immortalised with inspiring photos allowing you to share the charm and elegance of our clothes .They portrait the link between Breath of Fire brand and nature. Many friends have supported us through this long adventure, friends such as Valerie who helped us for many years building the business and organising our creative minds.

Our Commitment

Today, through this brand, we are committed to make the world a fairer and more beautiful place. Excellent quality, grace and elegance are combined with a colour resulting in unique and smart clothing and a wonderful collection suited not only for yoga practice but as well in everyday life. In 2019 we hope to work together locally, for a more equitable and beautiful world!